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  The Global Poverty Public Awareness Project in Korea is a non-profit initiative, designed to provide Korean citizens with open knowledge and information about global poverty and preventable diseases. We hope to attest how civic media can facilitate the public engagement in philanthropy and in turn promote civic actions for poverty eradication. In Korea, the public remains largely unenlightened about the problem of global poverty. Potential social engagement to end poverty has been hampered by ignorance and apathy. To make a difference, we started a ground-breaking effort to motivate people to join more philanthropic actions. By sharing and disseminating information about poverty related issues in Korean, we seek to raise social awareness, and stimulate the public to stand against global poverty.  

“More easily accessible open knowledge on global poverty inspires more people”

  We strive to get connected with more people for the philanthropic means in civil society with greater and easier access to public knowledge on the world’s poorest countries. Insufficient online knowledge about global poverty available in Korean, however, continuously causes the lack of public response to the issue. We are dedicated to making public knowledge on global poverty more easily accessible to Korean society, and in turn connecting people who share the same philanthropic cause of eradicating poverty. To achieve this purpose, we post useful, timely, and reliable information online that illustrates causes, reality and solutions of world poverty. Sharing open knowledge in through civic media in collaboration is an overarching key element that enhances public awareness of poverty.  
  The openly available public knowledge can address the root causes of public ignorance of global poverty. Our social awareness project aims to engage more people in dialogues, and take actions to improve lives of the impoverished. We seek a world of hope, social justice and altruism, where all lives free from all forms of poverty and with dignity.  
· Access to Open Knowledge
· Collaboration
· Innovation
· Creativity
· Culture of Philanthropy
· Civic Participation
  In December 2009, GP3 Korea was founded upon the belief that more and easier access to knowledge will gather more public attention, with the efforts of students registered for the course and volunteers. When the course ‘Globalization, Poverty, Development and Law’ was opened at the Graduate School of International Studies, Korea University, the lecturer of the course, Eun Chang Choi, decided to put his idea into practice. The idea was to commonly share public knowledge through innovative social media. The course covered issues affecting poverty, including public health, access to medicine, good governance, corruption, sustainable development policy, heavy debt, water and foreign aid. Sharing open knowledge of global poverty was a creative approach in fostering communities to understand the problem, share their visions, and take actions.

From our inception, we have sought to be a catalyst for positive changes in many communities, and our attempts have made great strides forward since then. GP3 Korea became a nation-wide online campaign that improves social awareness on poverty in Korea. While Choi was a law student, he was inspired by the Access to Knowledge Movement and the possibility of common-based peer production, which became the basis of our project. A key philosophy of the Access to Knowledge is to promote the dissemination of knowledge and information, without legal restrictions and liberated from the structural iniquities of knowledge markets.

We believe that expanding access to public knowledge is the foundation of building momentum for more effective giving and culture of engagement. We put emphases on ‘sharing open knowledge’ and ‘online collaborations.’ The low level of social engagement has been associated with the shortage of openly available knowledge about issues affecting extreme poverty. The most intractable problems in global poverty alleviation can be solved only through collaborative solutions. In this light, we continue to believe that our commitment combined with efforts of worldwide movements dedicated to ending poverty will bring a considerable change for a better future.

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